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Commissions as low as 20%!!

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What Our Owners Are Saying

Property Location: Breckenridge

Sorry it’s taken me this long to say it, but thanks again to the cleaners for a superb job!  It’s always so refreshing to arrive to a well-maintained unit. RAV

I wanted to send you a thank you note for all the due diligence at my unit this past month.  As a property owner, I recognize how important it is to keep up with maintenance as well to keep the place looking good.   Sincerely,  Jim

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the cleanliness of our unit upon our arrival today. Please pass on our compliments to the housekeeper(s).

In short, they’re the best rental management company we’ve ever had.  They are very responsive to any requests, and their cleaning service has been especially good.

—Rav (BRRN)

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the bookings so far! This winter’s looking great, the condo has stayed well-stocked. Thanks for your hard work! – Mercedes

 Cool, you guys are great. I get so frustrated with the lack of concern and customer service, and to work with someone like you is such a pleasure.! – Bill

Thanks for opportunity to provide a recommendation. RMRM has served as rental manager for our condo since the beginning of this year. To date, we have been quite satisfied with the services that have been provided. RMRM has proven to be professional in every respect, and has been very timely and accessible in responding to our needs. We have been especially happy with the cleanliness standards that have been maintained, and with their attentiveness to condo regulations and policies. Their website and toll-free number make bookings easy, and their check-in office has an inviting appearance. They also provide an excellent information binder for guests, as well as a comprehensive telephone information service. — Nicholson

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the cleanliness of our unit upon our arrival today. Please pass on our compliments to the housekeeper(s).

—Rav (BRRN)

You and I have been in the service business in one form or another for most of our adult life. As you well know our clients through the years have never hesitated to point out the faults within your business, quality of the product we offer or lack of services render. Few times have we gotten a true, “Thank you, nice job” for work well done.

This is one of those times – Today, I thank you, and others at RMRM inc. for great customer service and a true dedication to your homeowners. Your people identified the problem, notified me of the issues, and used the resources they had available to resolve the problem within a few hours not days. Thank you, nice job! – William R.

Property Location: Lone Eagle – Keystone

The condo looks great, we are glad to be back…

Also wanted to tell you we are very pleased with the way the rentals are going, we are getting very good nightly rates and our plan seems to working perfectly.

Merry Christmas to you and all your family and staff Gary

Thanks, Jeffrey…again, you all are truly great – we are very fortunate and thankful to have you represent our interests in Keystone! We continually tell all of our local friends about how outstanding your service and support for us is! Thanks again and have a great weekend! – Kelly O

Property Location: Copper One – Copper Mountain

You guys are the best!!! – Robert H

I wanted to also let you know that we were very pleased to find our condo in such good shape when we visited this past ski season. I think that your damage deposit really works and makes people mindful of being careful. – C Pope

Owned Property since built With us for the first summer “I noticed you got a summer booking for our condo! Congrats, that is the first summer rental we have had at our Property since we have owned it. Do you think your marketing/advertising efforts to (REMOVED WORD) etc was responsible for this booking? Thanks, – Dale

Tucker Mountain Lodge – Copper Mountain

I received a mailer today from CMLS. They are offering 2 free season passes to anyone that joins the CMLS rental program. They must be really desperate for inventory. I can’t imagine anyone jumping ship from RMRM for this offer. In our case, we live out of state, so the free season passes are meaningless. If we lived in CO, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist long to realize that you can buy a lot of season passes if you’re in RMRM’s program based on the commission differential. – Jim B., Dublin OH

Buffalo Village – Wildernest Colorado

Scott, I am the owner of a condo in Buffalo Village (Wildernest). I was with another management company for two years before switching to RMRM. The switch turned out to be for the better for the following reasons.

  1. I believe that RMRM is more aggressively advertising their services nationwide and not just in the Denver area. For example, ski magazines and a good website.
  2. Their website is easy to use for customers and as an owner.
  3. The setup for arriving guests is better. For example, the linens, coffee and tea, soaps, etc. seem to be a step above the competition.
  4. As as owner, I feel they have responded (with grace) to any inquiries I had. I had a lot at first, but then you get used to the system and let them take care of everything. The yearly cleaning, linen service, etc. seem to be a good improvement.

Hope this answers your questions. – Jon Y.

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This is your Property and we are borrowing it, therefore you will find that we allow you to control, use, and rent YOUR Property as you like.

Rocky Mountain Resort Management is your partner in resort property management. We are here to assist you in making the most of your investment. Our rental management fees starting at 20% with FULL SERVICE, or simply oversight management (depending on which program you choose) is incredibly reasonable and our service is impeccable.


As owners and investors in Real Estate in Summit County, Colorado, we are dedicated to maintaining a high quality of rental property to offer to the public. Call us at 888.700.2754 ext 105 or today to experience the benefits and increased rental profit we provide!

Our philosophy is that this is your investment and we are borrowing it to help you make a profit. You should be able to enjoy, rent, and profit reasonably from it. Therefore we are set up in a very flexible way to accommodate needs the best we can.


› We have a MOBILE APP – a powerful tool for guest, owners, and people searching for a place to stay.  It provides GPS directions to our office, the property, and all events, shops and restaurants listed in the app.  There is nothing like an app (web based as well for those without a smart phone or tablet) to make a great vacation AMAZING!!

› We have a local office for your convenience and the convenience of the tenant.

› We have a local full time staff ready to assist you and your guests. With full services in management, maintenance, and housekeeping.

› We rent properties not pooled properties and therefore you and the tenant will see your Property on the site and the Property they see is the property they rent!

› We let you share in determining the rates for your property.

› We allow you to see, online; your properties activity at all times, check your owner statements for the last seven years, and book your property as you like. YOU have control over YOUR investment.

› We hide the identity and bookings of your property from the outside world so security is not breached.

› We have a local office and are fully staffed and ready to serve you.

› We collect a damage deposits and have tenant insurance.

› We offer a tenant insurance program to cover the tenant for up to $3,000 on accidents in your property.

› We offer travel insurance to cover all ticket and ski rental at 7% of the stay to cover you and the tenant for last minute cancellation. As well as CANCEL FOR ANY REASON insurance, so you get paid no matter what!

› We require a signed contract within 48 hours of booking.

› We limit our ability to discount your Property to no more than 20% from agreed upon pricing!! NO DISCOUNTING YOUR Property TO MEET OUR NEEDS!!

› We have a discounts page to allow YOU to discount, or not discount as YOU like.

› We have maintenance programs to get rid of the constant charges for every little issue.

› WE OWN THE KEY SYSTEM and therefore can offer security to you in knowing that tenants are locked out once their stay is over.

› We allow YOU to clean you own Property, or use our cleaning services in several different ways.

› We allow you to rent your own Property.

› MOST IMPORTANTLY…. We allow you to manage or be managed at your level of comfort! We call it “Supervisory Management Systems”
We only have three additional packages that are all OPTIONAL (based on program selected). A maintenance program to curb the constant “FEELING” that you are being nickel’ed and dime’ed so many complain about from other management companies, a Discount page program to allow you to manage the way your Property is discounted if at all, and a linen program.


Yes you can market your own property and still have support. We have a 5 tier system, and a “Supervisory Management Systems” that allows you to be as involved as you want with your property. Have us management at 30% or 40% depending on the upfront cost you want to incur, rent your Property on your own at a low base fee plus cleaning. We open up the realm of Property Management to offer you the ability to manage or have your property managed the way YOU want it to be managed.

Who We Are:  Property Management Rocky Mountain Resort Management

We market and manage property in Colorado throughout the front range and the mountains. We are proud to be a property management company that allows you to make money. Our philosophy is that this is your property and we are borrowing it to make money; one that allows you to continue to market your resort property and have Rocky Mountain Resort Management be a resort property management supplement to your hard work. As owners in Summit County, we have found many ways to produce income with reasonable rental pricing. Unlike other property management services in the area, we do not feel that you should provide our inventory and split the profit 50/50 – or worse. That’s right – it’s finally here, the rental management fee that is realistic – starting at 20% (depending on which program you choose). A fee designed to allow you to use your property and not fear that you are missing a rental, because you are making your fair share on each rental. Call us at 888.700.2754 ext 105 or email us today to start making an increased profit using our resort property management efforts!

Most likely, you purchased a property in a resort area for personal use as well as to rent, and are finding yourself having to rent more than use your property to make it a valuable investment. No more! That’s right say “NO MORE” to the 50% plus management fees.

Rocky Mountain Resort Management is offering you a way out at 30%! We have our own, in-house cleaning and maintenance services at reasonable rates to cover all your needs, and our online systems allow you to be in control of your property at all times. Don’t delay! Come over to Rocky Mountain Resort Management TODAY!

Where in the world do you provide the inventory and the product and pay 50 to 65% of your profit to a manager? Not here. We have designed cost effective ways to attract short-term renters to our system. Some are very simple and obvious, but not in use today. We have purchased positions in the major “FOR RENT BY OWNER” websites and the banner ads to display us as the way to go. The properties in place are leader properties to get calls and e-mails and lead them to our site (s),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and and many more. We are also utilizing the services of professionals in different fields to get our names to the top of search engine searches. We advertise in several major newspapers and magazines, and target-market based on the time of the year. Many of our marketing concepts are not listed here and will not be discussed, but we can tell you that they are unique compared to what others have told us they are doing.


We market in some of the most popular magazines for our industry, we have purchased banner ads from many sites and the top positions in many others. We have hired a web-site marketing group to move our site to the top of as many of the search engines as possible and keep us there. We buy pay per clicks on search engine results that we have determined are the best results in searches on the internet. We are involved in some target marketing that is unique to the market place to increase the summer activity and involve families in the area to utilize your property for continued local vacations.

You have hit the mark for property management and real estate in Colorado! Switch to Rocky Mountain Resort Management and start making more money TODAY!